About Us

You have choices.
And we’d like to be your choice as your
Internet Marketing Agency.

We Understand

You’ve been challenged with high expectations and record-breaking goals. And you’re worried you may not have the ideas or expertise to meet those goals.

Or maybe you’re a small business owner and you didn’t realize how complex and time consuming it would be to deal with web development, SEO, pay per click, or how to make your business stand out in the online world.

We’ve been in your shoes! We understand what it’s like to keep the board of executives satisfied, or just to hit your internal marketing goals. We create, plan and execute online marketing strategies while making sure our clients are happy with their return on investment (ROI).

As an internet marketing agency with 20+ years of experience, we are your marketing solution!


About Search Market Solutions

Search Market Solutions was founded in 2010 by Camille Herron, a Senior Marketing & Business Development Specialist with 20+ years of marketing, management and new business development experience.

Although our experience includes all aspects of traditional marketing in both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer industries, our focus today is online marketing strategy and execution.

In May 2010, we decided to focus our services as a Internet Marketing Agency. Our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Development and Usability, Social Media Strategy and Management, Search Engine Marketing (SEM, PPC) and general Online Marketing Strategies and Marketing Consulting.

What Makes Us Different?

Our professional staff is unique — we’re part of the tiny percent of right-brain/left-brain thinkers (aka hemispheric synchronization). We are expressive and creative, while also extremely analytical, detailed and methodical. This allows us to think way outside the box, come up with extremely resourceful and innovative ideas, master problem-solving, analyze data and results, and execute detailed plans, all while staying in budget.

As an internet marketing agency, this provides us a way to stay involved in both the creative and analytical aspects of our clients’ business, offer executive-level online marketing services to organizations who could not normally afford this level of expertise, and provide services for one-shot projects that may not require a full-time executive staff position.

Today, Search Market Solutions is a full-service internet marketing agency with proven success in planning and executing innovative marketing strategies from conception to analysis. Although our greatest success is in providing full-service marketing solutions, we are also prepared to tackle any size project to help organizations meet its marketing and revenue goals.