Strategic Marketing Solutions

To Help Grow Your Business

Website Strategy & Development

We work with each client differently. You may need suggestions on making your existing website more usable or help changing your focus to a new objective. Or you may need a new website created from scratch. Our team has decades of experience, working in many different industries – business to business and business to consumer. We share our experiences with each client, helping plan, develop and execute strategic websites that meet each client’s objective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every website we touch, whether we are helping to improve your current website or whether we are creating a new website, we make sure we’ve utilized every search engine optimization opportunity. Using professional software and decades of experience, we develop an SEO strategy that combines competitive research with your company objectives, making sure we do everything possible to position your website in the eyes of your target audience.

Social Media Management

Social Media isn’t just for posting your personal travels and milestones. It has become one of the most important tools in strategic marketing portfolios. But you need an experienced marketing professional who understands how to create a social media strategy that speaks to your target audience. We help develop and manage social media strategies that your customers will ‘like’ and ‘follow’, keeping your brand and company on their radar.

Competitive Analysis

It’s important to understand your competition, or businesses you look up to because they seem to be doing things right, or even understanding the details of a business who is doing things wrong. Whatever the reason, we have the tools and experience to dig deep and uncover details of what other companies are doing in the online marketing and advertising world. And obtaining this knowledge is extremely helpful when developing a strategic marketing plan.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

We usually encourage our clients to invest their marketing budget in the more sustainable areas of marketing, but there is definitely a place for paid marketing campaigns. Google pay-per-click campaigns and social media boosts and advertising have very useful purposes. You can utilize these efforts to gauge the market, to share time-sensitive events or products, to supplement your other marketing strategies, or to provide a more predictable flow of traffic.

Brand Management

You’ve heard the phrase, “it’s all in the details.” Your brand encompasses so many details – color, design, tone, culture. Your brand is your compiled image to outsiders – customers, or prospective customers. And they may be deciding whether your company is a good fit for them within seconds of seeing or experiencing your brand. Is your brand a good reflection of your business, your services, your company culture? It may be time for an outsider’s perspective.

“Search Market Solutions has been part of our marketing team since 2013. We couldn't be more impressed in the level of detail they provide, their professionalism, and their dedication to providing innovative ideas, along with precise execution.”

Brian B., CFO in Logistics Industry